Success Leaves Clues
updated 2018 March 28th

prompted by discussions with a student in MRK513 in March 2018

done in MRK513, Section NMS and Section MMS - 2018 March
They (student in MRK513) asked me (WTGR) in a message if I could talk about how to be successful, cause, they thought their profs were successful, and if the prof explained more about how they got to be successful, maybe the student could learn something from that.

So, I thought about what Tony Robbins was quoted on years ago "Success Leaves Clues"

. Student said
"'s because professors are so professional, and some of you guys are good professors (you're the best so far) and you're all successful .. so we want to know more about you as people and what you've done and might have done "differently" that may be inspirational to us .. and you know maybe do what you did and see if it works just as well. i don't know it's just interesting to see a prof be more "human"

. So..I posted a note on Facebook in my group of "Former Students" saying I would talk about this in class Thursday/Friday

Jim Rohn says you can also learn from Unsuccessful people. 
WTGR talked about learning from failures in the chapter on "Dot.Com Failures" in his book "Current Issues in Marketing in the Information Age, Second Edition." published in 2006

And replicated as a webpage on

. Tony Robbins has several videos in which he discusses Success and "Success Leaves Clues"

In this 2016 video he reminds, importantly, that success is individual. at 1:44 he says "Success leaves clues"
Robbins explains that when they pursue success, it is not an actual word defined, but rather the goal of a greater quality of life.

Different people have different interpretations of a quality of life

  • it could be just money (which is the common benchmark of success)
    • acquire a lot of money to buy what you want
    • or buy things for those you love
  • it could be companionship
    • a partner that perfectly fits you
  • it could be fullfillment
    • obtaining a career as a nurse or firefighter
    • getting your citizenship
  • it could be an accomplishment - compete in the Olympic games
    • everybody should strive to be a black belt in something so that no matter what the difficulties, they can always have a sense of high accomplishment at something, which may sustain them through the tough times
More than Marks...
added 2018 March 27th

. As Tony Robbins advised, different people have different interpretations of a quality of life but, generally for students, they "benchmark" themselves almost totally based on their marks in their undergrad courses - this is problematic because there is a lot of other contributors to "success" which have a greater impact than undergrad marks.

But TBH, I do not fault students for stressing themselves over "marks" as the prime indicator because that is the overwhelming "environment" i which they are immersed in the immediate years after high school when they are in college or university.

In March 2018 I made this short video while walking though the dense forest near my house north of Uxbridge.

Survival of the Fittest
Survival of the most Adaptable
added 2018 March 28th
. In striving for success, people are often encouraged to try their best under the assumption that success comes to the people that exert themselves to the fullest extend of their capabilities and energy - trying harder and harder to the point of complete exhaustion.

Well...I disagree a bit..In many situations, it is not the strongest that survive, but rather those things, or "organisms" that can adapt themselves,..these will be successful in passing on their DNA. Adapting to things such as a change of food source, a new predator, an illness or disease outbreak, climate change - these are challenges that can "take down" weak and strong alike so those entities that can keep going are the ones that can adapt quickly to the new changes. Grizzly Bears morphed into Polar Bears 70,000 years ago. 


. Mel Robbins
part of being successful is not wasting time - people who waste time find it hard to be successful because they literally run out of time to do the things they want to do to lead to success - they waste time by clittering their lifes with thoughts and activities that are not productive. 
1:31 she says "Productivity is the ability to make progress on the things that matter to you".."You have the power to decide what is important"


Productivity requires fortitude and perseverance
added 2018 March 27th
. A big part of being productive is...fortitude and perseverance
- basically ... DO NOT GIVE UP

Successfully "navigating" yourself through life when you see obstacles.

I make some observations while walking through a particular dense part of the bush near my house, which serves as a metaphor for apporaching obstacles in your life - they may seem insurmountable at a distance, you get closer, a path can be seen and as you get even closer you can discern possible ways to "defeat" the obstacle.

In March 2018 I made this short video while walking though the dense forest near my house north of Uxbridge.


In my life (WTGR) I have been blessed with some amazing mentors. Having good mentors can be a big part of achieving success.
One of the most significant mentors was General Ramsay Withers, who taught me the concept of GOPST, which I have used
in many business and marketing courses I have taught in college and university.
Ramsey Withers
served as Chief of Defense Staff of the Canadian Armed Forces, and held the rank of a "4 star" General.
(BTW we use maple leaves, not stars, in Canada). Tim Richardson worked directly for him 1989-1991 on a number of special projects and it was during this time that Withers provided the background on GOPST..
Looking for a Mentor? The 7 Best Places to Start
1. Online mentorship networks
2. Professional networking events
3. Fitness classes and groups
4. Volunteer events
5. Industry meetups
           trade association events, seminars and conferences
6. Social media
7. Public locations

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"The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful...",
Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803 - 1882) 

I would submit that if you are truly "useful" to your family, friends and community you will indeed find happiness in fulfillment. 


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